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Gentleman communication

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He had already designed a water tap and a table at the university, but now László Varga has become renowned for his design of one of the most famous sports cars, the Jaguar E-Type. The 24-year-old engineering student doesn't ...
Sándor Kürti: Peaceful Power
Alexander Kürti hardly needs to be introduced to Gentleman Magazine readers. If one of your company's computers terminates service, or your personal laptop gives you the key and you want to get back ...
Erika Kósa
He worked as a kindergarten teacher for eight years before becoming an insurance and investment consultant for an Austrian company in the 1990s. She got higher on the ladder, then with her husband and two former ...
The real chameleon
In addition to the profession, the American changing artist has taken the audience off his feet. There are few more well-known and respected actors in the world than Mr De Niro. You can stretch before us with a wrinkled body, Iroquois hair ...
Péter Bogdánffy
Imagine a big-haired, curly-haired, kid-like, sober-looking young man choosing suits for your suit, and the thirty-six-year-old dr. Bogdánffy ...
Elegance suited to the occasion is not the fad of the elite, but the basis of a unified community experience
Specialist Krisztián
Sometimes dreams come true, and composer-producer Krisztián Szakos could talk about this orbital cliché for hours. He writes songs from his teenage years, was a waiter and played on the lagoon before ...
Gábor Katona
Gábor Katona has been hunting for three months on the North American route of 2009, which is a record for her performance, as no one has ever spent so much time rifling in her hand. ...
In the XXI.  century gentleman
Gentleman. When you hear the word, you might think of a really elegantly dressed old man who is very meticulous and polite. Today, however, this international term has something else to do with it. Why not ...

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