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Please close your eyes for half a minute and imagine the most beautiful landscape of the world, the unique wonder of nature, which is worth seeing. Imagine a trail or bike path and yourself riding a bike in the middle of an idyll. You got it? »
08/22/2016. 08:08
So far, I have lived in the belief that it is not very easy to say something new or surprising to me in the travel case. But a brief encounter with Róbert Horváth's "Baggio" was enough to realize that there was something new under the sun. No matter what. After all, it is not uncommon for a Hungarian group of friends to order a table set in the very center of the Andean mountains with the world's finest drinks, waiters and tablecloths. »
06/20/2014. 00:03
On May 29, 2013, it was sixty years since two men, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, were the first to climb the 8850-meter high Mount Everest, the highest mountain in our country. In the post-war mood of the fifties, this was at least as much an act of landing as the moon, but the conquest of the Csomolungma also had symbolic power. He indicated that man was able to transcend his physical and mental boundaries over and over again, and he also took up climbing as a sport of masculine fitness with the elements of nature. »
Text: Szabolcs Vincze
Photo: Szalay-Berzeviczy Attila
06/11/2014. 08:41
In our series, we will guide you to the most famous, most exclusive, exclusive hotels in the world. The first part presents the Plaza Athénée, owned by the Sultan of Brunei, a member of the Dorchester Collection. »
We're on the ground. A swallow ballet on the iron railing of the Andrássy Palace. The stunt is obviously for us, and we will patiently take pictures of the production. Gábor Erdélyi thanked the pictures for the bird, János Mihály Andrássy and the venue. Kosice, noon, hot heat; the city lives, thrives and captives. »
We sit opposite each other and we are both envious. This is rare, especially during an interview. Stephen Perger, 35, traveled by train from Budapest's Eastern Railway Station to Hong Kong, fulfilling his childhood dream. The interviewer is months away from fulfilling his dream of a hundred-day northern winter tour. I see István Perger listening to my tale, but this is not the place and the moment. Here he is interesting and the 69 days he was on his way from the East to Hong Kong ... »
The more comfortable ones can be reached by taking the bus to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Those who spend several days in the Netherlands can reach the Leiden by train and then by bus. Drivers are also not in a difficult situation, as there is a field forest from Leiden and Lisse. One way or the other, the end is the same, and I guarantee that you will be unforgettable to arrive at Europe's largest tulip empire, the 30-hectare park in Keukenhof. »
Everything goes away once, but the Orient Express will never be a thing of the past. At most, the composition of the traveler and the travel destinations change. The old Orient Express, and its route (Paris-Istanbul), can sink into our imagination if we sigh heavily and watch the classic Murder on the Orient Express while raising money. Or we can wait for August 2014, when the luxury train is heading back to the former Constantinople from the French capital. »
Photo: Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.
04/18/2014. 00:00
For the Hungarian people, it is an almost elusive fairytale country, the realm of hobbits. Sheep-herds grazing in endless green fields, snow-covered peaks of thousands of meters, the blue ocean - all in a country of four million, located two thousand kilometers from the southeast coast of Australia. New Zealand captured; I try to convey the immersive experience with pictures and some background information. »
Text: Czövek Oscar
  Zalay-Berzeviczy Attila
Photo: Szalay-Berzeviczy Attila
04/15/2014. 00:00
Asia spinning wheel
1997. Wealthier Hong Kongers packed and sat on their suitcases. It was what they feared for a long time: China took back Hong Kong from Britain. They had time to prepare for the act, and Beijing and London had been discussing for years how to reintroduce the former crown jewels under the control of the People's Republic (or as it is called: mainland China). »
Text: József György Farkas
08/04/2014. 00:00
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