The shirt
Undoubtedly, the most commonly worn and one of the most characteristic pieces of a man is the shirt, which, whether worn with a tie, buttoned down the belly, tucked into the body or curled up, always exudes masculinity and style. »
Photo: Gábor Erdélyi
03/31/2014. 13:55
From the middle of the last century there was an era when the role of style icons was unquestionably conquered by the cinema stars from the royal family series. Then, for a decade or two, dressing and related taste shaping became the responsibility of designers (fashion designers). Today, however, I think the cultural value of fashion has diminished badly. Rather, it is a peculiar mix of industry and circus, where the creators are essentially forced laborers or aged lions trying to jump through fiery circles. »
Photo: Stan Ahuja
22/11/2013. 10:37
Early 20th century classic men's clothing consisted of wearing the same fabrics, meaning the suit was monarch. In the years following World War I, the first jacket and trouser combinations were leaked from the world of elite sports to the street. Wearing striped and checkered jackets with light, wide-cut trousers at that time meant a sense of dynamism and slackness against the suit's monochrome. »
Photo: Gábor Erdélyi
  Hugo Boss
09/23/2013. 13:52
Feeling life
Denim is the most evolutionary garment. Just think of it, from simple work pants to a world-class, everlasting fashion. »
08/21/2013. 11:43
Marcello Mastroianni
"It doesn't matter what you wear, but how you wear it." »
07/15/2013. 07:15
Alain Delon
The man whose unbuttoned white shirt became his trademark. »
07/14/2013. 07:57
Prestige on the leg
Let's look at the foot and find out who we are facing. Because the person who gives himself the most is his shoes. Today, shoes can be of many styles, as are the moods of our clothing, but the parameters of a good quality hand-sewn shoe do not change much. »
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