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All men are there, regardless of the gentleman's age and lifestyle. The Men's Man section introduces gentlemen who can serve as role models for ordinary gentlemans.

Miklós Benedek on the eyes of colleagues, the betrayal of critics, the patience of a wife and the love of a father and son »
Attila Dolhai is a gentleman
Are there real gentlemen in the classic sense in today's world? Or does this elegant, always sensitive and kind, polite type of man seem to die out? Although Attila Dolhai has to play many roles on stage, his courtesy is more than just costume. When the curtain rolls down, it slips away from its character of the day, but one thing remains the same: Attila remains a true gentleman inside and out. »
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08/10/2014. 14:55
Just like New York's Statue of Liberty, almost everyone in Dubai remembers a building: Burj Al-Arab, the Arab Tower, the world's most famous and only seven-star hotel, which has become a symbol of Dubai with its special sailing ship design. »
An enviablely versatile woman, Henriett Tunyogi. He is a renowned ballet dancer, plays movies, directs, interviews and gives. Just like when he reaches into his bag at the first moment of our meeting, he pulls out two colorful heart-shaped pebbles and puts it on the table. I can't speak, but he does, and he immediately says, "A gift for you." I'm off my feet, and it's just in my head: what's going to happen? »
He is one of the best guitarists in Hungary who connected Hendrix with Bartók. At the age of seventeen, he plays at VHK, founder of the Sun band, member of the National Primate Meeting, and founder of Miklós Both's FolkSide supergroup. To further develop his guitar, he learned to play the violin in two years. The musician also runs Roma workshops because he believes that innovative music can improve the self-esteem of Roma. In the spring, we wrote in Gentleman Magazine that he was collecting experience in China, and since then he has been seeking a record deal from Beijing. »
06/14/2014. 00:15
Such questions have not yet been posed to me, though I have said quite a lot already, said historian Maria Schmidt at the end of the interview, the House of Terror Museum, and the XX. and XXI. Director of the Century Institute, professor. This is good news for the journalist, who is now happily passing on to the reader. »
In one of his films he almost lost his own house. The risk is everyday in his or her career, but by now he has learned where the limits of reasonable risk are. At first, it was only about adventure, but then it got serious. Selected as Producer of the Year in 2010, he may have the most acclaimed film. He is constantly learning and changing - as is the film environment - but one thing is constant: every movie shows up to an episode. »
He was a wild kid, for sure! Several schools gave up their education, the terror of teachers, students, the time bomb, the incarnation of deviance .. »
06/06/2014. 12:41
Quality and trust; During our nearly one-hour conversation, these two words were spoken in Hungarian by Nigel Jones, Tesco's first non-state-owned employer in Hungary. The company, which employs twenty-two thousand people, has been run by a Welsh gentleman since February. »
06/02/2014. 00:01
If we click on someone's name on Google and it shows almost two hundred thousand results, we can be sure that he or she brought it to something. Andrea Rost is an opera singer who, if she didn't know that she was a respected and respected artist all over the world, would just say that she was a very kind, truly engaging woman. And he has humor. And he even has a cat. And he even has a house. And it is time to interview. »
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Péter Bogdánffy
Imagine a big-haired, curly-haired, kid-like, sober-looking young man choosing suits for your suit, and the thirty-six-year-old dr. Bogdánffy ...
Biologist, university professor, former member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former vice-president, prominent researcher on the nervous system, formerly Minister of National Cultural Heritage. János Szentágothai ...
An enviablely versatile woman, Henriett Tunyogi. He is a renowned ballet dancer, plays movies, directs, interviews and gives. Just like when he reaches into his bag at the first moment of our encounter ...
We have the airspace here
Flying is freedom, they say, but it will only be true if we don't have to adjust to different schedules. This is why private jet is one of the most luxurious ways in the world ...
Artist, musician, esteemed designer both at home and abroad - Centaur. He has probably succeeded in all the arts he pursues, from the eighties, when the new wave called Satöbbi ...
This is how I earned $ 52 in 1 day!
In my previous article, I posted a letter from a successful binary option trader who reportedly traded $ 40- $ 50,000 a month on average over the past few months. I've decided that...
The New Golden Age of New York
"There is no literature without a cafe." The idea of ​​Alexander the Great was chosen by his New York Artist, who re-launched in March ...
Ákos Kovács: White Falcon, the eternal rebel
As if I wasn't sitting in the middle of a hectic world city, the wine-tavern overlooking the Danube surrounds the serene serenity of the Reform ...
He has written songs for the last twenty years, hit an Enrico Morricone in an Italian production and is now making his way to Hollywood. Imre Czomba is one of the key figures of the Hungarian music industry, for whom ...

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