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In the XXI.  century gentleman
Gentleman. When you hear the word, you might think of a really elegantly dressed old man who is very meticulous and polite. Today, however, this international term has something else to do with it. Why not be a gentleman in his thirties? Why not radiate elegance and quality with its exterior and décor while remaining very modern? »
Photo: Gentleman
08/10/2014. 15:54
This is how I earned $ 52 in 1 day!
In my previous article, I posted a letter from a successful binary option trader who reportedly traded $ 40- $ 50,000 a month on average over the past few months. I decided to test this revolutionary form of trading for myself and share my experience with you. »
05/05/2014. 00:00
José Mourinho is the first Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé
The first English version of the all-new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé will be available to none other than legendary Portuguese footballer, current Chelsea head coach José Mourinho. »
02/15/2014. 00:00
Paradise Reloaded
On January 23, Péter Eötvös's new opera will be shown at the Palace of Arts for the first time. Paradise Reloaded (Lilith), one of the world's most busy composers, premiered at the Vienna Modern Festival in October 2013. »
Photo: Marco Borggreve
  Armin Bardel
01/22/2014. 10:11
Charles Summer and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra
Károly Nyári, the most famous pianist in the country, surprises the audience with a real holiday treat after so many full house concerts. »
12/11/2013. 10:12
Young fashion designer
Elegant, clean and creative. These words best describe the work of the young Hungarian designer, Noémi Nagy, who is already internationally conquering this year, who will present her Swarovski crystal collection on December 7 at the Corinthia Grand Hotel. »
06/12/2013. 16:42
Collection of masters.  Exclusive Christmas Selection for Men!
Being a distillery at America's favorite whiskey distillery is a huge privilege. During the nearly 150-year history of the Tennessee Distillery, only seven held an exceptional position. In honor of the professionals, Jack Daniel's launches a unique collection of seven bottles of American whiskey each year. »
03/12/2013. 10:15
Peter Gabriel and his iconic album
Peter Gabriel celebrated the 25th anniversary of his music milestone record with the release of a set of gift boxes and a world tour called 'Back To Front'. To the delight of the fans, the tour will continue and Budapest will be among the new venues! »
05/11/2013. 13:13
Seven years, seven alcoholic masters
Scottish blends and malt whiskeys, Irish and American whiskeys, as well as manufacturers and domestic distributors of Canadian, Japanese and other exotic whiskey specialties, also debuted at the Whiskey Show in Budapest today. »
17/10/2013. 15:11
Wine from caviar?  Why not!
A new specialty was born in a chocolate factory: Gábor Vanya, master of the Vanya Artisan Products Handicraft Manufactory, began experimenting with bonbons for wine dinners that preserve the original taste of wines. The idea was good, but the experiment failed, and during the classic bonbon making process, the wine lost its original character due to cooking and sugar. And here comes the Hungarian invention: if the bonbon didn't succeed, something entirely different was born: the pearl of wine, or more precisely the wine caviar. »
Text: Gábor Muray
09/16/2013. 14:26
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The man and the wine
During the 2006 football World Cup, a television reporter asked fans about the outcome of the match before the German-Italian semi-final. There were counter-attacks between the German and Italian camps ...
Love at first sight
Although I didn't expect it, I had a very special scent in Mallorca. During my vacation, I met a company that specializes in flavored sea salts. This illatorgy then ...
Familiar milieu in an exclusive setting
Forget about those who want to get rich for one year: the overall picture and offer of projects that are clearly planning for the long-term development of Lake Balaton ...
It's up to you, New York, New York
New York has the same name worldwide as Budapest: an immersive, exciting intellectual and cultural center. But while the rest of the world is never sleeping in America ...
István Szepsy
Mr. Terroir of Tokaj is a gentleman of taste and blood, but it is not his bow tie, but his relationship with his environment, people and ...
The car
It seems clear that when it comes to the classic James Bondos, it can only be Aston Martin and only the DB5. In addition to the built-in gadgets, its history also makes this ...
"Round Chocolate, Square Chocolate, Long Chocolate, Short Chocolate, Round Chocolate, Flat Chocolate, Solid Chocolate, Hole Chocolate, Packed Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, Whole ...
It was a difficult choice because of the plentiful supply. In my writing I have talked about quite a few railway lines, now come a partial subjective selection, that is, at the moment these are the most beautiful in the world ...
Krisztián Berki
Krisztián Berki, twice world and five-time European champion in horse racing, wants to win a gold medal at next summer's London Olympics. This is exactly what we want, and he does everything for him. This,...

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