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Writings on the art of watchmaking for the obsessed with precision.

François Thiébaud has been leading the Swiss watchmaker Tissot, celebrating its 160th anniversary since March 1996, and has launched an unprecedented march under its control: in 2012 alone, it sold over 3.5 billion Swiss francs in turnover . In addition to Tissot indicators, we talked with the company's president about sports, family and his favorite hobby. »
Text: Ákos Dudich
07/01/2014. 00:00
We continue the story of Aaron Becsei, who polishes, spheres, and pearls a bunch of parts of his famous watches on the far earth - especially those that don't appear at all. If anyone were to raise their eyebrows with no sense, it would talk to you on the one hand and check out the previous Gentleman magazine for some art theory introduction on the other. Now, we're going deeper into the deep water: two finishing technologies, anglage and perlage. »
06/24/2014. 00:02
An hour for a lifetime
We've written a lot about the rightly legendary Omega watch brand, and now we're telling you where to buy it. »
16/10/2013. 14:51
For safety's sake
We discussed at length why the adventurous gentleman's perfect watch is Breitling. Now there is another reason, more pressing than ever, especially if one takes the adventurous lifestyle very seriously. Indiana Jones and Emergency fought for fifty years; if it weren't, he would surely choose this. »
Photo: Breitling
11/10/2013. 15:12
The art of precision
There is a handmade watchmaking workshop in one of the most romantic parts of Germany, which has endured wars and crises for one and a half centuries devoted to the art of watchmaking. This is the Glashütte Original. It is enough to look at your collection to know that their profession is rightly called art. »
Alpha and omega
I understand everything. MI6 employs insensitive bastards who sacrifice anyone for the Queen and the homeland without any problems. You know ... The typical jumping eagle agent with a light smile and an expensive watch. Rolex? ”Asks Casino Royale femme fatale Vesper Lynd James Bond with a rude smile. "Omega," she replies with a light smile. "Beautiful." This half-minute scene tells more about the brand than any advertisement or brochure, but we went after the legend anyway. What does the watch James Bond is proud of? »
08/22/2013. 06:28
One hour around the Earth
A high-end watch is the minimum requirement to always show the exact time everywhere. It's not too much of a challenge for the timekeepers of homesteads, but what do those who travel between time zones choose? The third act of Gentleman's Breitling series reveals. »
Survive in style
For many people, the watch is just a symbol of a bygone age. They are the ones who do not see the difference between printed circuit board plastic and stylish engineering masterpieces. Well, even if they knew that some of these masterpieces could save their lives. »
For the sake of completeness
According to the wise, perfection does not exist, but it must be pursued. This is how we described the philosophy of the Breitling watch factory in Switzerland. He started out as a technological revolutionary, and today it is a line of name, style and sophistication. »
Longines brings Agassi
There are few ball sports where the match is not played on time. These include tennis, where an elegant, big-screen watch is an indispensable accessory to the center field, regardless of how long the two modern gladiators fight. While match lengths are really secondary, they provide most information to the statisticians, while the seconds between the ball passes, the first and second serve, and the odd boom breaks are increasingly tightened (interestingly, no one has thought that this could be shown to spectators) ). »
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I'm rich. Very rich. And I'm not even bored. Absolutely not. That is why I desire a focused experience, which in the short time I can turn it off, is more suitable for this important ...
Zsolt Zólyomi: I'm going after my nose
You don't necessarily have to go to the other end of the world for a memorable adventure. My old friend László Gál is a forester in Tolna. Far from the city, the Tolna Mountain ...
"The eternal, never quite lived-in nostalgia, with its alleyways, its curtained windows in its narrow courtyards, its ladies in their hurry to the temple, the once-seen but still mysterious, thousands of known and ...
He was a wild kid, for sure! Several schools gave up their education, the terror of teachers, students, the time bomb, the incarnation ...
Ferrari!  Are you a hybrid?
At the end of 2009, Luca di Montezemolo threatened the car's public opinion with Ferrari's "environmental re-education".
I woke up more excited that morning. My son was just stunned because his teeth were coming, four, and my saliva was dripping for another. Certainly - not for the first time, of course - we changed places in the family ...
In our series, we will guide you to the most famous, most exclusive, exclusive hotels in the world. Part one is the Plaza, owned by the Sultan of Brunei, a member of the Dorchester Collection ...
Christian Ender
He studied at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. He joined HUGO BOSS as a leader in the development of shoes and accessories. Later, the international sales of HUGO BOSS AG in Eastern Europe ...
The smallest prince
In the section of Andrássy Avenue between Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road and Oktogon, the shops of luxury fashion brands interact. The sophisticated elegance sweeps the avenue, and the onlooker passes through the ...

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