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If it's summer, it's vacation, vacation, relaxation, travel. All of this is a real experience on a motorcycle saddle. For a motorbike tour, I find it hard to convince anyone, as the unforgettable experience is almost pre-enveloped. It does not matter whether because of the annoyance caused by disorganization or the intoxicating feeling of "freedom-love". »
Text: József Horváth
Photo: Honda
08/08/2016. 07:06
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Rolls-Royce has always been renowned for being an innovative company, but until now, it hasn't embarked on the latest fashion in the automotive industry, developing hybrid or electric vehicles. Then, in 2010, a working electric Roll was introduced as a concept car in Geneva, a few months later, at Festival os Speede in Goodwood, England. »
Text: Gábor Varga G.
Photo: Gábor Varga G.
25/12/2013. 10:49
We have the space here!
I wonder who this car is for. Because of excellent terrain, but I was afraid of polishing. Because it's fast and convenient, but it's huge in the city. Meanwhile, I soften up in the delicate leather-scented cabin, and a kind of heavenly voice says, "don't care about the extra details!" »
BMW Gran Coupé
The BMW Gran Coupé is launched, not only the brand's first four-door coupe, but also the Bavarian image-enhancing car. »
02/12/2013. 17:30
All good if double good
In the car industry, it is a common perception that the Jaguar and Land Rover brands have made the best of what could have happened: in 2008, the company was acquired by Ratata Tata-owned Tata Motors. An Indian businessman born in 1937, he is a perfectionist and loves the legendary British types, and is spending an unprecedented amount on development (£ 2.7 million a year). Due to the special position of the premium segment - despite the crisis - these brands are dynamically strengthening in Hungary as well. Indeed, since 2011, Hungary has a well-established representation system, which has a positive impact on both the sale of cars and the after-life of vehicles. »
Off-roaders for hunters
There are many types of off-road vehicles available today, but the hunters themselves know exactly which one is best suited to their passion. With the help of Major Koppány, a hunter expert at Gentleman magazine, we have selected four off-road vehicles that the hunter knows from practice that they perfectly meet the requirements. »
Photo: Toyota
  Land Rover
06/10/2013. 09:58
3 kings
The beauty of vintage cars is that their value is determined not by quantity but by quality - both materially and collectively. The three racing and sports cars shown below have a very different arc, with only common denominators representing extraordinary value in the veterans market. »
Photo: Gentleman
09/24/2013. 17:05
Aston Martin Rapide
A car that looks like the Mercedes CLS vulgar, Maseratti Quattroporte old man, the Porsche Panamera mass product. The Aston Martin Rapide combines some of the noblest British sports car traditions with today's super-sedan fashion - the result is a true predator, perhaps unaware of its four doors. »
Photo: Aston Martin
09/19/2013. 17:25
The car
It seems clear that when it comes to the classic James Bondos, it can only be Aston Martin and only the DB5. In addition to the built-in gadgets, its history makes this car special. »
08/27/2013. 07:32
Descendants of famous fathers
Imagine what it was like to be Marlon Brando's son. Got a man to the core, ready to leap forever, father-in-law. Unrecognizable like the Amazon jungle, solid like the Rocky Mountains, yet soft as the finest velvet, if need be. His name is an icon where it appears, surrounded by respect and fear. Unbeatable and above all unpredictable. »
Text: Andrew Kövesdy
08/18/2013. 06:47
The word you are looking for cannot be shorter than 3 letters!
"Shout silent root, yell letters in sharp voice" (Miklós Radnóti: Spring is coming)
I'm rich. Very rich. And I'm not even bored. Absolutely not. That is why I desire a focused experience, which in the short time I can turn it off, is more suitable for this important ...
Freund Tamás
Recently, it has been made public around the world that three Hungarian brain scientists have received the Brain Prize for their life's work worth one million euros. They say it's worth a Nobel Prize ....
Daniel Rátai: Redrawing the Boundaries of Physics
Thousands of times praised or despised Hungarian gray matter hears again: Daniel Rátai, 25, created the fantasy name Leonar3Do ...
Love at first sight
Although I didn't expect it, I had a very special scent in Mallorca. During my vacation, I met a company that specializes in flavored sea salts. This illatorgy then ...
Start thinking differently about the dentist today.
Do you find it difficult to incorporate dental treatments into your strenuous work pace? Or are you postponing your appointment with your dentist because of previous bad experiences? ...
GOOD LIFE About the Operetta
They are both celebrated stars in the world of musical theater, and although they sing the same roles, jealousy apparently bypasses them far. They understand each other in half-words, for a moment ...
Artist, musician, esteemed designer both at home and abroad - Centaur. He has probably succeeded in all the arts he pursues, from the eighties, when the new wave called Satöbbi ...
Okay… and more
All I can do to test is that this car is just fine! But much more does not come to mind at first. And it's not even boring. Indeed! I try...

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