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The history of big-time companies, classical brands, world-class manufactories is brought to life.

Manfactory shoe making is also experiencing a renaissance in Hungary. Anyone who has already made hand-sewn shoes knows that you cannot wish for comfort, durability or elegance. Tibor Kozma Romulus, a shoemaker in East Hungary, is one of the best in the industry, and as the youngest member of a shoe dynasty, he has set himself the highest standards. The Gentleman Magazine staff visited the master at his home in Hajdúböszörmény. »
Stan Ahuja
After nearly 60 hours of tailoring, fitting, aligning, fixing and ironing, the lifeless fabric will give birth to something with life and soul. A drop of my soul ... »
Photo: Gábor Erdélyi
  Raphael Helm
10/10/2013. 16:56
Giorgio Armani
Re Giorgio, King George, is the only way to call the Italian, who has undeniably and eternally influenced the fashion world. His kingdom is now a rarity, one of the few fashion empires that have remained independent to this day. »
Text: Philippine Dorothy
Photo: Reuters
09/21/2013. 09:57
Christian Ender
He studied at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. He joined Hugo Boss as a leader in the development of shoes and accessories. Later, he was responsible for the Eastern European market in international sales of Hugo Boss AG. He then became Managing Director for Eastern Europe at Hugo Boss International Markets AG. Today he is the Managing Director of Hugo Boss International Markets AG. »
Text: Árpád Pósa
09/12/2013. 14:02
Hearing the Bulgari word, none of us has to wonder where the name is familiar. there are hardly any people who do not know that the brand is synonymous with the glittering luxury world, with a wide selection of precious and majestic jewelry. It's no coincidence, the Bulgari family, and thanks to him, the history of the Bulgari brand is a real success story. »
Text: Philippine Dorothy
Photo: Bvlgari
09/09/2013. 10:24
The Armani Code
"Basically, I think it takes a short time to appear, to show off, but individuality is a lifetime," says the fashion legend, who chose the fashion world instead of a medical degree and a career. »
08/31/2013. 07:51
Style and elegance
Hunger is the only premium-class suitcase in Hungary, where anyone can be dressed from head to toe in uncompromising designs. »
08/28/2013. 07:45
The smallest prince
In the section of Andrássy Avenue between Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road and Oktogon, the shops of luxury fashion brands interact. Sophisticated elegance weaves its way into the avenue, and the onlooker passes through her dress again and again as she glances at the reflective surfaces of the huge glass portals. Dressing elegantly, stylishly and in a variety of ways is no small challenge for a man. As with success in general, it requires talent, diligence, perseverance and a bit of luck. Or someone who has these qualities and who we can trust unconditionally. »
Jewelry from the jewelry store
It's harder to imagine a situation that is more awkward than when it turns out that our dear one already has a bold décor red evening dress dreamed by a great, renowned fashion designer. The crocodile leather shoes are such that it could be chanted by odes, not to mention the bag. And then the question arises: and the jewelry? »
Text: János Dési
08/08/2013. 06:25
Made in Britain
The three words that assure shoppers that they are buying quality for their money and three items essential to a gentleman ... »
08/02/2013. 06:49
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From daycruiser to luxury yacht
It's just a matter of individuality and style, what kind of wonders we choose for ourselves. Our set includes a sporty sailboat and a yacht with a stylish jacuzzi or a special corridor for staff ...
A gentleman in hell too
Being born an aristocrat does not automatically mean that you are a true gentleman!
András S. Takács
If it wasn't for the Autumn talk, maybe he wouldn't have been a trainee at CNN for twenty years. She considers five-star hotels too sterile and would rather spend two months in a Bedouin hut than a luxury resort ....
A brilliant fashion designer and businessman
From the Department of Art History and Architecture through the Gucci Fashion House to the Tom Ford brand.
Richard Rapport
We talked to the fifteen-year-old Summit resident of the Sé village of Vas County in Budapest, and in order not to fill the return trip with futile gaze, for the sake of safety, three chess books ...
The New Golden Age of New York
"There is no literature without a cafe." The idea of ​​Alexander the Great was chosen by his New York Artist, who re-launched in March ...
Botín - opened since 1725
When Jean Botín arrived in Madrid in 1725, he did not think his name would be the oldest restaurant in the world. Although the owner changed several times, the name Botín kept its name and now ...
Lamb Boldizsár in Deva and Miercurea-Ciuc
The Radnóti Miklós Theater will start a charity tour at the St. Francis Foundation Children's Home until June 18, 2013.
He has written songs for the last twenty years, hit an Enrico Morricone in an Italian production and is now making his way to Hollywood. Imre Czomba is one of the key figures of the Hungarian music industry, for whom ...

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