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Everybody's been to this old building. However, Dr. György Pásztor is probably the oldest to know him, as he came here in November 1933 to skate as a junior high school student in Faso. Then only the most dedicated eyes could see the future hockey star, Mr. Ice Hockey. He has been coming here regularly since then and is home to the City Park Ice Skating rink. »
Text: Zsuzsa Kálmán
07/04/2014. 00:00
The smallest matter! - advertises in Tesco's well-known commercials. And really. Among the recipes on Tesco's web site, you can find a variety of very simple foods, including the smallest, simplest of all foods, the private food, the toast. What is referred to on that page as "The hungry sailor's breakfast". »
Text: Zoltán Trencsényi
07/03/2014. 00:00
It doesn't matter who you go to the restaurant with, especially when it comes to tasting the famous cooking of István Pesti. Stephen, formerly of Babel's culinary talent, has now transferred to Baldaszti's Kitchen. »
Text: Vajda Pierre
05/19/2014. 00:00
Hemingway first came to Madrid in 1923 and fell in love immediately. He visited the Spanish capital a total of nine times in the 1920s, reported from Madrid during the Civil War, and returned several times in the 1950s. He loved the city, the people, the restaurants, the food, the wines, the nightlife. He thought that spending the night in Madrid with sleep was a miracle bug that caused a lot of discomfort to his friends. »
Text: Olga Szederkényi
08/05/2014. 00:00
It produces the happiness hormone, keeps it awake, elates, soothes, and the smell of chocolate has a beneficial effect. Like wines, the best of cocoa beans, which are the basis for premium sweets, are selected based on the area and vintage. »
Text: Zsófia Juhász
Photo: Zoltán Orczy
06/05/2014. 00:00
There is a fabulous badehotel on the northwest coast of Denmark, away from stress, noise and crowds. Featuring a more than 100-year-old snow-painted beam, the slow-life hotel is run by Lisa Emborg. Kenneth Hansen, the chef of the cuisine, previously chosen in Denmark earlier this year to launch Bocuse D'Oron in Danish colors. Two Hungarian chefs, Tamás Lipták and István Sziszik, work in this idyll and professional perfection, which is hardly understandable in Hungarian intellect, who are incredibly grateful to have been able to get here. »
"Round Chocolate, Square Chocolate, Long Chocolate, Short Chocolate, Round Chocolate, Flat Chocolate, Hole Chocolate, Packed Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, Whole Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate, , liqueur chocolate, last year's chocolate, this year's chocolate, all the chocolates they make in the world. ”For Artúr Gombóc, Sébastien Bouillet's pastry and chocolate master's shop would be the Canaan himself. »
Chef Laurent Vandenameele (elegantly named executive chief in charge of food and beverage) and chef Zsolt Endrédi have been co-workers and friends for twelve years. Miklás István cypras joined them ten years ago. Together they carry the French restaurant of one of the best hotels in the country, Le Meridien Le Bourbon. »
Text: Éva Szabolcs
03/27/2014. 12:16
The chef is Mathieu Viannay
In the morning I did not know that my day would be spent eating truffles. All I knew was meeting Mathieu Viannay, the star chef of the two Michelin-starred La mère Brazier restaurants in Lyon. Who, besides being extremely sympathetic, has highlighted that radishes, beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke can be part of a royal feast just as valuable as goose liver or beef. Indeed. »
Text: Kunz Flavia
Photo: József Lipha
03/20/2014. 09:30
Love at first sight
Although I didn't expect it, I had a very special scent in Mallorca. During my vacation, I met a company that specializes in flavored sea salts. This illatorgy then became a real love at first sight and smell - maybe it sounds strange to a perfumer to fall in love with salts, though very understandable. »
Photo: Shutterstock
25/11/2013. 14:47
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