1. This Website (the "Website" ) is provided by Trump Center Ltd. (headquarters: 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Bajcsy-Zs. E. u. 18-22; Company Registration Number: 06-09-019827; ( "the Operator" ). Services related to the Website are provided by the Operator.

    User means any person who visits the Website and uses its services. Users who do not register on the Website or use the service are also considered as users. Some services are only available to registered users.

  2. The Operator operates the Website which describes the Operator's activities and services. For more information about data management related to the Website, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

  3. Unless otherwise proved, the Database and all other intellectual works published on the Website, including, but not limited to, copyright works, databases, search solutions, programs and codes used, published data, trademarks, patented works, shall be owned by the Operator. Intellectual works may only be used in accordance with applicable law. You shall not in any way be entitled to copy, reproduce, exploit, sell, modify, modify or disclose any intellectual property.

    In particular, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, use in any publications, presentations, or otherwise engage in commercial or public communications with third parties for the intellectual property. It is forbidden to use the intellectual property for the purpose of gaining income, gaining any other economic or commercial gain or non-pecuniary interest. These actions may only be legally performed with the approval of the Operator.

  4. If the content posted on the Website infringes on the rights or legitimate interests of any person, you may request the Operator to retain or delete the content. The Operator will always investigate complaints.

    The Operator is not responsible for the actions or information provided by the advertisers.

  5. These Terms of Use (the "Terms" ) apply solely to the Website. Unless otherwise stated, the Terms and Conditions do not apply to the services and data processing related to the commercial activities, promotions, games of chance, services, other campaigns of any third party advertising or otherwise appearing on the Website or their content. Unless otherwise stated, the Terms and Conditions do not apply to the services and data management of websites, other entities referred to on this Website.

    The Operator reserves the right to change the Terms. You do not need the consent of the users to modify the Terms and Conditions to take effect. The amendments will be effective from the date the Terms are published.

    The Operator shall have the right to change the Website in whole or in part, delete content, publish new content, temporarily or permanently terminate access to the Website without conditions or informing the users, subject to conditions.

  6. You may use the Website solely at your own risk. The Operator shall not be liable for any damages or inconveniences caused to the user by the use of the site due to the user's inadequate use of the site. You may only disclose user data at your own risk and make it available to others. The user is required to exercise caution in maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided. The Operator shall take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the data as stated in the Privacy Statement, but the User is responsible for choosing a password that cannot be deciphered by third parties and the User is responsible for ensuring that its password is not disclosed to unauthorized persons. possession.

  7. In order to access certain functions of the Website, registration and personal information are required. In the case of any related data management on the Website, the Data Controller is always the Operator. Information on data management is provided in the Data Privacy Notice.

  8. The Operator undertakes to take all reasonable measures to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted service. The Operator does not guarantee the uninterrupted service of the Service nor is it liable for the suspension or termination of the Service. The Operator endeavors to eliminate any malfunctions or operational problems that may arise during the operation of the site, however, it cannot be held responsible for them. The Operator shall not be liable for the behavior of the users.

  9. The user is obliged to act honestly in the use of the site, respecting the rights and interests of others. You must comply with applicable laws and must refrain from any action that may be unlawful or which may harm the interests of others when using. In particular, the User shall respect the privacy, personal and intellectual property rights of others, and in particular the rules governing the protection of literary, scientific and artistic works, inventions, designs, usages, trade marks and trade marks, which are protected by copyright.

    The User shall refrain from committing any offense or crime, and shall also refrain from any obscene, obscene, or other expressions or statements that may offend others. All users are required to refrain from any activity that interferes with the proper use of the site.

    All users are obliged to refrain from any activities that harm the interests of the Operator. In particular, it shall be prohibited:
    • Disturbing or obstructing the operation of the Website, access to the Website;
    • Carrying out activities aimed at acquiring and using the Operator's trade secrets and information kept by the Operator;
    • Any communication that contains false information about the service;
    • Any activity that endangers the information security of the site;
    • Any activity aimed at promoting one's own or another person's product or service;
    • Any communication, expression that gives the impression that the user is acting on behalf of the Operator, or the opinion is the official opinion of the Operator;
    • Any communication or manifestation that is misleading about the identity of the user, including any non-natural person, is represented.

    The User may not transfer or trade information for consideration on the Website.

  10. If the user violates any of the above prohibitions, the Operator may prohibit further access to the Website. In this case, the Operator may cancel the user's registration.

  11. The Operator's system automatically records the IP address of the user's computer, the time of the visit, and in some cases, depending on the configuration of the computer, the type of browser and operating system, and the geographical location that can be determined by the IP address. The data recorded in this way cannot be linked to any other personal data. Data management is for statistical purposes only. The Website uses cookies, which are detailed in the Privacy Policy.

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