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Cookies allow a website to recognize if you have previously visited it. Cookies help us understand which part of the website is most popular because it allows us to see which pages our visitors enter and how much time they spend there. By studying this, we can better tailor the website to your needs and provide you with a more diverse user experience by including cookies, among other things.

  • they remember your settings so you don't have to enter them again when you go to a new page,
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  • Analyze your use of the website to make the best use of your information as a result of the improvements you make, easily find the information you are looking for, and
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Types of cookies

We use two types of cookies on our website: "session" cookies or "persistent" cookies.

Session cookie: These are temporary cookies that are stored in the cookie file until the end of your browsing session . These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of certain functionality or applications related to the Website.

Persistent Cookies: These are cookies that remain on your online device after you leave that website and store a randomly generated number to help identify your site visitors as a unique user. How long it is stored on your online device depends on the type of cookie. Stored (tracking) cookies used on the website provide important traffic information about its use. Such data is, for example, the percentage of actual shoppers versus visitors who left the site before reaching the shopping cart.

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Third Party Cookies

From time to time, we display various content on our website using external web services, which may result in the storage of some cookies that we do not control, so obviously we have no control over what information these websites or external domains collect about your use of this embedded content. .

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It produces the hormone of happiness, keeps me awake, elates, soothes, and even the smell of chocolate has a beneficial effect. Like the wines, the cocoa beans are selected based on the area and vintage ...
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