Men`s Man / Wild

Wild is an unmanageable, self-governing genius who knows no obstacles and accomplishes his plans through fire-water.

He was a wild kid, for sure! Several schools gave up their education, the terror of teachers, students, the time bomb, the incarnation of deviance .. »
06/06/2014. 12:41
Sándor Román on the life of joints, the sensitivity of otherness, international quality and the combination of the map-circulator. »
Norbert Növényi about his beloved brigade, his political mentality, his parents' release and what's more important than Bruce Willis. »
The Scientists' Band is a wonderful weapon for trickery, says Dr. Béla Mary, who is not far from breaking pepper under the noses of mankind. He does this not only with his music, but also with his bold books, flirtatious paintings by politicians and celebs. But what if the "cultural ambassador of the Dadaist gunpowder barrel" goes into fashion? »
Text: Zoltán Trencsényi
09/05/2014. 00:00
Raw, outspoken, self-governing. Sharing, shocking, hunter. Laughing, cynical, arrogant. Flags, judgments, blank words. Many years ago, I wanted to talk to Doctor Chernus because I was wondering who the beast was. Now, at the end of 2013, I'm interested in who this man is. »
He lives in New York, American, but is undeniably Hungarian. He wears Gucci from head to toe, but a worn thread bracelet adorns his wrist. He was a lottery teenager, but he didn't know. On both occasions, he was at the attack on the World Trade Center, but his hair did not bend. He could stop working for the rest of his life, but fall in love with his profession. »
Text: Vinice Andrea
03/21/2014. 09:12
Artist, musician, esteemed designer both at home and abroad - Centaur. He probably succeeded in all the arts he pursued, from the eighties, when he conquered the new wave band Satöbbi. He talks to Gentleman about the origins of his artist name, the kinship, divorce and crisis with Erkel Ferench, and the fact that culture is, after all, a legal hooker. »
Specialist Krisztián
Sometimes dreams come true, and composer-producer Krisztián Szakos could talk about this orbital cliché for hours. He writes songs from his teenage years, was a waiter and played lounger before working with Ákos to Fudge cream of the pop industry. At the age of thirty-three, he then reached a peak as he orchestrated the Hungarian song, Compact Disco, for the Eurovision Song Contest. »
The lucky knight
Media Punk, Salon Punk - In November, forty-five-year-old Attila Árpa was named for many things, who, of course, did his best to deal with it. But the semi-true, half-created image of Jenő Rejtő's adventurer, fortune-teller, easily emerges from a casual yet hard-working, conscious creator - whether it's a novel, a movie, or a freshly-launched venture. »
09/06/2013. 15:47
Rebellion, success, tragedy
“I don't know what people expect when they meet me. It seems as if they are afraid of urinating on a potted palm and slamming it on the bottom, ”said one of the greatest and most prominent figures in film history. »
08/29/2013. 07:48
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Elegance suited to the occasion is not the fad of the elite, but the basis of a unified community experience
Sex and power
Following the successful exhibitions of The Soul and the Body (2008), Lucien Hervé 100 (2010) and The Birth of Photography (2012), the Museum of Fine Arts is hosting another exhibition of photographic art. The XX ....
Norbert Növényi about the beloved brigade, the political mentality, the release of the parents and what Bruce Willis does ...
It is easier to sell a condominium apartment if you already have flowers on the balcony boxes for your visual design, the model meditates on a string of bamboo in the yoga class and there is no interior design newspaper, ...
In the XXI.  century gentleman
Gentleman. When you hear the word, you might think of a really elegantly dressed old man who is very meticulous and polite. Today, however, this international term has something else to do with it. Why not ...
The more comfortable ones can be reached by taking the bus to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Those who spend several days in the Netherlands take a train to Leiden and then take a bus from there ...
Nature cannot be treated
He is a member of one of the 100 richest Hungarian elite clubs. Formerly involved in the auto parts trade, but since he has enjoyed sailing, he has been passionate and passionate about Flames ...
I woke up more excited that morning. My son was just stunned because his teeth were coming, four, and my saliva was dripping for another. Certainly - not for the first time, of course - we changed places in the family ...
Treasures of the Incas in the gentleman's wardrobe
Before anyone says he hasn't worn a Panama hat before, but then feels utterly hopeless, I hurry to tell you, of course ...

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