Men`s Man / Junior

The junior is a talented young man who is still in the early stages of his journey and being a gentleman.

He is one of the best guitarists in Hungary who connected Hendrix with Bartók. At the age of seventeen, he plays at VHK, founder of the Sun band, member of the National Primate Meeting, and founder of Miklós Both's FolkSide supergroup. To further develop his guitar, he learned to play the violin in two years. The musician also runs Roma workshops because he believes that innovative music can improve the self-esteem of Roma. In the spring, we wrote in Gentleman Magazine that he was collecting experience in China, and since then he has been seeking a record deal from Beijing. »
06/14/2014. 00:15
Mark Bodzar on sincere questions, the balance between quantity and quality, the joy of taking risks, the organizer's democracy and the need to fight »
Hungarian drawer to go to America. Twenty-eight-year-old Attaki Futaki, after trying to get home with his comics, was successful overseas. The Ernő Zórád award-winning drawer is known all over the world today, and when he sees his work, one may feel that the comic may be more than the inscription bubble coming out of an angry man's head: hrrrr, brrrr, ahhh. »
He says Dostoevsky and a bowl of curd cake found in a cemetery helped him learn Hungarian well. There is also the mention of a flying beer bottle, a 1967 Ford Mustang, and the School of Vocals, where Victor King has been wearing boxing gloves for many years. »
Text: Zoltán Trencsényi
04/04/2014. 00:00
Krisztián Berki
Krisztián Berki, twice world and five-time European champion in horse racing, wants to win a gold medal at next summer's London Olympics. This is exactly what we want, and he does everything for him. That would, of course, be your private matter if you had, say, our fifty favorites. But since it is good to have five, so is our case. Krisztián Berki is one of the safest Hungarian winners - one of the most uncertain in numbers. This contrast is almost impossible to process; he succeeds anyway. »
András S. Takács
If it wasn't for the Autumn talk, maybe he wouldn't have been a trainee at CNN for twenty years. He considers five-star hotels too sterile, and would rather spend two months in a Bedouin hut than a luxury resort. He has no car, his job is his hobby. You don't plan for the long term because you never know if you will survive the next shoot. András S. Takács is only twenty-five years old, but he has seen and experienced more than the average person in his life. »
Richard Rapport
We talked to the fifteen-year-old Summit resident of the Sé village of Vas County, and, in order not to fill the return trip with futile gaze, he brought with him three chess books. Richard says that in the sixty-four fields of chess he finds all the beauty of the world, and while he has already had very definite goals and ideas for his career and his future, his present is characterized by enviable confidence and satisfaction; happy to do what you love. »
Áron Becsei: Lord of Time
It is said that while real estate is scarcely priced nowadays, a custom-made custom watch is almost unaffordable. Dear Reader, decide what is much and what is little. In fact, according to Fama, an 8-room mansion in northern Hungary with recently sold 2 hectares of well-kept park and antique equipment has been sold for approximately the price of the most expensive luxury chronometer of the young Hungarian watchmaker Áron Becsei. »
Daniel Rátai: Redrawing the Boundaries of Physics
Thousands of times praised or despised Hungarian gray matter hears again: Daniel Rátai, just 25, created the fantasy name Leonar3Do, which lets you work, draw or play in 3D. The young inventor is also a perfect gentleman: modest, polite, determined and endless. He knows what he wants, and he knows he'll carry what he has in his head. »
Text: Máté Gerhardt
05/03/2013. 13:01
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One would think that the head of the Pappas empire is a contradiction. Not most top executives are stereotyped in their behavior, their attire, and perhaps most importantly their attitude. Attitude ...
The Big Five Safari
It is hardly possible to call it mass sports, but more and more people obey it. It bears kills on its behalf, while serving sustainable development. It carries a lot of dangers, though well prepared ...
The Armani Code
"Basically, I think it takes a short time to appear, to appear, but individuality is a lifetime," says the fashion legend, who instead of a medical degree and a career ...
Sándor Román on the life of joints, the sensitivity of otherness, international quality and the map-circu ...
On the way to world success!
Six premieres and 21 success shows await their viewers in the 2013/2014 season, which has received a slogan on World Successes. Traditionally, the Budapest Operetta Theater is leading the next season by leasing ...
Aston Martin Rapide
A car that looks like the Mercedes CLS vulgar, Maseratti Quattroporte old man, the Porsche Panamera mass product. Aston Martin Rapide is one of the most noble British sports car traditions ...
Hemingway first came to Madrid in 1923 and fell in love immediately. He visited the Spanish capital a total of nine times in the twenties, reporting from Madrid during the Civil War, and then ...
Fishing eagle on four wheels
The first model of the anonymous Lombardy car factory (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) left the factory in 1910. At the Geneva Motor Show, the 100th anniversary concept was launched at ...
He was a wild kid, for sure! Several schools gave up their education, the terror of teachers, students, the time bomb, the incarnation ...

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