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A sport that has been conquering for centuries, the basic rules of which have hardly changed; they still strictly preserve traditions. This is the gallop. If we were to bring someone from the late 1700s to the Epsom Derby with the help of a time travel machine, you would know exactly how to dress for the race day, what to look at on horseback, how to interpret the magazine, Turf and why wait ok signal after run. »
It's a familiar feeling when a more pronounced cold front arrives on a weekday, and with it, restlessness moves into our souls. Do we look at the tops of the trees and the weather websites open up on our computer screen? If not, we can say that we are not yet obsessed with surfing. »
Text: Csilla Gőgh
06/12/2014. 08:27
The T-Shirt was invented for the Gentleman, if there is a sport that has a place in our magazine, it is a game of Indian origin developed by English military officers on the subcontinent who want to spend their leisure time meaningfully. It is a fighting game, modeling war with peaceful means. »
Text: Ch. András Gáll
Photo: Esther Seregély
06/04/2014. 00:03
A magic weapon for the perfect look
Speedfitness has only made its way in Hungary three years ago, but by now it has become a market-leading brand that has become an increasingly prominent player not only in the fitness sector but also in the medical sector. Even those who complain of a lack of time are no longer out of the question, but György Várdai introduces Gentleman magazine readers to the essence of the method. »
Text: Czövek Oscar
08/10/2013. 06:06
Gábor Katona
Gábor Katona has been hunting for three months on the North American route of 2009, which is a record for her performance, as no one has ever spent so much time rifling in her hand. The now-thirty-seven-year-old hunter shot a bear, a bison, slept with an Inuit, and set up a boat on an adventurous, soon-to-be-published book - not in our country, but in America. »
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He has written songs for the last twenty years, hit an Enrico Morricone in an Italian production and is now making his way to Hollywood. Imre Czomba is one of the key figures of the Hungarian music industry, for whom ...
Marcello Mastroianni
"It doesn't matter what you wear, but how you wear it."
Richard Rapport
We talked to the fifteen-year-old Summit resident of the Sé village of Vas County in Budapest, and in order not to fill the return trip with futile gaze, for the sake of safety, three chess books ...
The best beaches for unique gentlemans
Guaranteed relaxation in the most beautiful parts of the world, with the most beautiful women in stylish swimwear.
We closed our eyes and imagined what it would be like to jump into Heaven. We didn't open it for quite some time, now this once was really not a dream and all our wishes in one fell swoop ...
Laurent Vandenameele séf (elegáns elnevezéssel executive chief in charge of food and beverage) és Endrédi Zsolt főszakács tizenkét éve munkatárs és barát. Mázás István cikrász tíz éve csatlakozott...
The chef is Mathieu Viannay
Reggel még nem tudtam, hogy a napom a szarvasgombaevés jegyében telik majd. Azt tudtam csupán, hogy Mathieu Viannay-vel, a két Michelin-csillagos lyoni La mère Brazier étterem sztárséfjével van...
The man and the wine
A 2006-os foci vb idején, a német-olasz elődöntő előtt egy tévériporter a helyszínen kérdezgette a szurkolókat a mérkőzés kimeneteléről. Voltak ide-oda kontrázások a német és olasz tábor között,...
Sándor Kürti: Peaceful Power
Alexander Kürti hardly needs to be introduced to Gentleman Magazine readers. If one of your company's computers terminates service, or your personal laptop gives you the key and you want to get back ...

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