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A gentleman will never gain anything ...
Churchill was right: sport is death. Unless he is being chased by a gentleman. For he never strikes himself flat in five rounds against a flesh collar. But he doesn't even chase a leather ball for hours with ten other seemingly puzzled young men in one direction or another. The gentleman prefers to sail, play tennis or ride. But he only does so in a way. He regards the equestrian and the hottest sport as the equestrian T-shirt and would not wear fake branded training shoes for every treasure in the world. »
November 22, 1963: Death assassination in Dallas, Texas, against John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States. Although the so-called Warren Commission has clarified the circumstances and background of the assassination, over the past fifty years there has been a suspicion that this is not and has not happened in the way that "official" history records. »
Text: István Kulcsár
Photo: Szalay-Berzeviczy Attila
06/16/2014. 00:00
The taste of slaps
Traveling history, it may even be true. Allegedly, someone on the train once heard a mother - I suppose not a scowl of happiness on her face - look at her seven-year-old son: Look at the scenery, Jenőke, or you'll get a slap! The saying is rooted in the nails of the acquaintance, and to this day we fry it on the train when traveling by train. »
Text: Bela White
07/26/2013. 12:14
With or without you?
There is eternal struggle between the sexes. This is the fiercest battle in the battle, because we know it never brings peace of mind, no solution, and even the coveted ceasefires are only short and temporary. »
The man and the wine
During the 2006 football World Cup, a television reporter asked fans about the outcome of the match before the German-Italian semi-final. There were controversies between the German and Italian camps, and finally one of the Italians said, "You couldn't win because you beer and we Italians drink wine." »
The man and the wine
Wine is the most masculine drink. Like us men, every wine is waiting for you to discover one by one. Pálinka-friendly people shouldn't mind, but pálinka - although stronger than wine - is still a clear drink. Like whiskers, which are quickly recognized. I measure the most masculine drink not in alcoholic terms but in spiritual content. »
06/11/2013. 09:53
In crisis and hell!
It is embarrassing when thousands of identical people come across the street. Even more striking is that not only is the color of their clothes, the pattern of their shoes and their knitting the same, but their hairstyle, briefcase and even umbrella are a duplicate of hundreds of neighbors. And the gentleman that flows into and out of City of London is exactly the same. You can admire them for free before work in the morning and after work hours in the evening. »
Photo: Shutterstock
06/01/2013. 07:02
Today's gentleman doesn't look much like a chewing stick on my foot. I don't want to be forced to get rid of it, but I'm looking for your company. »
Letter to sputum
Occasional critics, who are hurt by their self-esteem, heated by fervor, and called intellectuals, pour out their vitriolic expressions in the media. While formerly prominent public figures, popular performers, and public buildings have been the main runners-up, recently, this unworthy platform has been attracted to luxury, the premium category and anything beyond the minimum wage of a graduate. »
A gentleman in hell too
Being born an aristocrat does not automatically mean that you are a true gentleman! »
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On the way to world success!
Six premieres and 21 success shows await their viewers in the 2013/2014 season, which has received a slogan on World Successes. Traditionally, the Budapest Operetta Theater is leading the next season by leasing ...
The tailor of kings, the king of tailors
Henry Poole & Co is a classic English family business. The tailor-to-measure was established in 1806 a long time ago. For generations, they worked for dozens of ruling families, even Winston Churchill ...
José Mourinho is the first Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé
The first English version of the all-new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé will be available to none other than the legendary Portuguese footballer, current Chelsea head coach, ...
Giorgio Armani
Re Giorgio, King George, is the only way to call the Italian, who has undeniably and eternally influenced the fashion world. His kingdom is now a rarity, and his few fashion empires ...
The art of precision
There is a handmade watchmaking workshop in one of the most romantic parts of Germany, which has endured wars and crises for one and a half centuries devoted to the art of watchmaking. This is the Glashütte Original ....
I only count on summers
"In the end, it won't matter how many years you have in your life, but how many years you have in your life." (Abraham ...
Equestrian Festival
The Dunakeszi-Alagi Riding Festival, organized for the first time on Sunday, was a huge success with the public ...
Radiant joy of life
Hur Kjung-Ae, a young Korean painter living in Paris, exploded into Western European contemporary art almost overnight. "Sold out" exhibitions and waiting lists prove ...
The jacket is not a workshop coat!
Maybe it's hard to believe, but when we go out on the street, over 90% of the men who are on the road wear at least one, but not often two, sizes of suits that are right and I'll add to it ...

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