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The elixir of the gods
Cognac is most similar to a woman because she denies her age and, moreover, rejuvenates herself. It breeds with age, but only while resting in a barrel, it becomes eternal in the bottle. »
Text: Philippine Dorothy
Photo: Shutterstock
07/18/2016. 07:26
There is an old, wise, Oriental tale in which the heart, the brain, the stomach, the lungs argue about which one is most important to man. Of course, it emphasizes its own role until they finally realize that they are equally important, because one cannot live without one of them! A good sound system is one such thing: it really works well if its elements are all of high quality and do their job with integrity! »
04/20/2014. 00:00
No one needs to assert mercedes' desire for perfection. As a premium brand, it is almost an obligation to build a car that is unquestionable in detail and in its entirety. That is perfect. But perfect is also a relative concept and whatever incredible we once thought was best will wear off over time. You can't sit back, the passage of time forces you to do even better. »
Text: Andrew Kövesdy
Photo: Daimler
03/30/2014. 00:00
"Shout silent root, yell letters in sharp voice" (Miklós Radnóti: Spring is coming) »
Text: Gábor Muray
03/23/2014. 08:10
new York
The Facebook landing page asks all its users, "What's on your mind?" Seeing my editor's pictures in New York, that's what follows. »
Text: Endre Aczél
Photo: Shutterstock
09/22/2013. 09:23
Botín - opened since 1725
When Jean Botín arrived in Madrid in 1725, he did not think his name would be the oldest restaurant in the world. Although the owner changed several times, the name Botín kept its name, and now it has crossed the borders of Madrid. »
Text: Peter Bíró
Photo: botin.es
09/18/2013. 14:47
Evenly beautiful, but unique
Glashütte Original, one of the most pathetic German watchmaking companies, has also been hired by museum restorers to give shipping lovers a worthy gift. »
Text: Gentleman.hu
08/30/2013. 07:08
Bentley in the living room
In a timely fashion, this article is not about an avant-garde artist's quest for home furnishings, nor about the legendary British car brand, but rather about home listening and audio reproduction, in short, "high end audio" and some of its exclusive pieces. »
Text: Gentleman.hu
07/24/2013. 17:09
Ferrari!  Are you a hybrid?
At the end of 2009, Luca di Montezemolo threatened the car's public opinion with Ferrari's "environmental re-education". »
Text: Gentleman.hu
05/03/2013. 14:00
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There is an old, wise, Oriental tale in which the heart, the brain, the stomach, the lungs argue about which one is most important to man. Of course, it all plays its part, until finally ...
We have the space here!
I wonder who this car is for. Because of excellent terrain, but I was afraid of polishing. Because it's fast and convenient, but it's huge in the city. Meanwhile, I soften in the delicate leather-scented cabin and ...
Specialist Krisztián
Sometimes dreams come true, and composer-producer Krisztián Szakos could talk about this orbital cliché for hours. He writes songs from his teenage years, was a waiter and played on the lagoon before ...
Eventful autumn
The 2013/2014 World Successes season begins with the most successful operetta and musical productions, including the Ghost, 10 times, but revamps the Kissing Woman and a new playground ...
We meet in an elegant downtown hotel at Le Meridien. Photos of Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of Győr, MP of Fidesz, President of MOB, are made in the presidential suite ...
The New Golden Age of New York
"There is no literature without a cafe." The idea of ​​Alexander the Great was chosen by his New York Artist, who re-launched in March ...
Ákos Kovács: White Falcon, the eternal rebel
As if I wasn't sitting in the middle of a hectic world city, the wine-tavern overlooking the Danube surrounds the serene serenity of the Reform ...
The man and the wine
Wine is the most masculine drink. Like us men, every wine is waiting for you to discover one by one. Pálinka-friendly people shouldn't mind, but pálinka - although stronger than wine - is still a clear drink. Like ...
And the winner is ...
There are sports in which the athletes fight the clock, but there are also those where the watches themselves are the racers. The Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneva (Geneva Grand Prix for Watchmakers) does not aim to ...

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