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Attila Dolhai is a gentleman
Are there real gentlemen in the classic sense in today's world? Or does this elegant, always sensitive and kind, polite type of man seem to die out? Although Attila Dolhai has to play many roles on stage, his courtesy is more than just costume. When the curtain rolls down, it slips away from its character of the day, but one thing remains the same: Attila remains a true gentleman inside and out. »
Photo: Gentleman
08/10/2014. 14:55
Luxury watch or sports car
Glashütte Original vice president of sales, Dieter Pachner, began his training as a watchmaker in Karlstein, Austria in 1985. Although he passed the master exam, he quickly decided he was more interested in selling. Of course, the accusation cannot be that you do not know the product, do not understand what you are selling. »
Text: Gabriella Károlyi
07/04/2013. 05:12
István Szepsy
Mr. Terroir of Tokaj is a gentleman of taste and blood, but it is not his bow tie, but his relationship with his environment, people and wine. »
Text: Árpád Pósa
06/22/2013. 07:05
Sándor Tabányi: Every car is a work of art
Entered into a quiet patio barn, the visitor will not find crowds of dusty dudes, but wonderful car antiques and rarities. »
Balázs Juszt
This year's Cannes Film Festival featured a Hungarian short film, Good Night, which we have heard little about. »
Text: Árpád Pósa
06/17/2013. 07:05
Lazarus brothers: One horse is over a hundred
The Lazarus brothers, Vilmos and Zoltán, were practically born on horseback. With this in mind, it sounds strange that three years ago iron horses came into their lives. The multi-world champion is driving a new passion lately: motoring. »
Nature cannot be treated
He is a member of one of the 100 richest Hungarian elite clubs. He was once involved in the auto parts trade, but since he has enjoyed sailing, he has been living his passion and passion for Robert Láng. »
Zoltán Kammerer: Gentleman = Fair play
The three-time Olympic champion lives his daily life in a nice family nest and fast hobbies along with plenty of training. For Zoltán Kammerer, his little son, his wine cellar, the renovation of an old timer, his dizzying, reddish corvette and his fast ship mean relaxation. »
Text: Árpád Pósa
05/19/2013. 12:00
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Arctic comfort
The area around Lake Balaton is usually populated in the summer, but the Château Visz will take care of traveling at any time of the year. Luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant from the noise of the capital ...
Descendants of famous fathers
Imagine what it was like to be Marlon Brando's son. Got a man to the core, ready to leap forever, father-in-law. Unrecognizable as the Amazon jungle, solid as the ...
Feeling life
Denim is the most evolutionary garment. Think of it, from simple work pants to a worldwide, timeless fashion ...
The best beaches for unique gentlemans
Guaranteed relaxation in the most beautiful parts of the world, with the most beautiful women in stylish swimwear.
It was a tedious twenty years. Uncle Otto got the car on the Roman coast in the late eighties, otherwise he would have thrown it away. Then he got into the attic. The long months passed, the dust just piled up ...
It produces the hormone of happiness, keeps me awake, elates, soothes, and even the smell of chocolate has a beneficial effect. Like the wines, the cocoa beans are selected based on the area and vintage ...
The chef is Mathieu Viannay
In the morning I didn't know my day would be truffle-eating. I only knew that he was with Mathieu Viannay, the star chef of the two Michelin-starred La mère Brazier restaurants in Lyon ...
György Habsburg
It is often said that the name is obligatory. The life of George Habsburg proves this many times. It has to explain its hundreds of years of historical action to this day. According to George Habsburg ...
Treasures of the Incas in the gentleman's wardrobe
Before anyone says he hasn't worn a Panama hat before, but then feels utterly hopeless, I hurry to tell you, of course ...

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