Brutal BMW
In 2008, the S 1000 RR was tested on a racetrack (Lausitzring). By then they were considered eligible to participate in competitions. Since then, their parameters have been optimized and serial production of the street version has begun. »
Text: Árpád the Great
05/14/2013. 12:12
Descendants of famous fathers
Imagine what it was like to be Marlon Brando's son. Got a man to the core, ready to leap forever, father-in-law. Unrecognizable like the Amazon jungle, solid like the Rocky Mountains, yet soft as the finest velvet, if need be. His name is an icon where it appears, surrounded by respect and fear. Unbeatable and above all unpredictable. »
Text: Andrew Kövesdy
08/18/2013. 06:47
BMW Gran Coupé
The BMW Gran Coupé is launched, not only the brand's first four-door coupe, but also the Bavarian image-enhancing car. »
02/12/2013. 17:30
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Steven Eugene Kuhn
A spiritual journey with a Gulf War veteran who found his home in Budapest
Elegance suited to the occasion is not the fad of the elite, but the basis of a unified community experience
Hearing the Bulgari word, none of us has to wonder where the name is familiar. there are hardly any people who do not know that the brand is synonymous with the glittering luxury world of precious and majestic jewelry ...
An enviablely versatile woman, Henriett Tunyogi. He is a renowned ballet dancer, plays movies, directs, interviews and gives. Just like when he reaches into his bag at the first moment of our encounter ...
Love at first sight
Although I didn't expect it, I had a very special scent in Mallorca. During my vacation, I met a company that specializes in flavored sea salts. This illatorgy then ...
Bicycle, bicycle, bike, rocking, shoe. Whoever drives it loves it because it gives you a sense of freedom that no other means of transport can give. More and more people in the postmodern big cities ...
The PURDEY rifle brand, written in all capital letters, is in itself a concept in the hunters' world, carrying elegance, precision and a way of life ...
The king of laziness
He only appeared in three movies, yet he became an actor legend. He appeared in a Pepsi commercial in the 1950s, and only five years later, he made his debut in the movie East of Eden ...
"Round Chocolate, Square Chocolate, Long Chocolate, Short Chocolate, Round Chocolate, Flat Chocolate, Solid Chocolate, Hole Chocolate, Packed Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, Whole ...

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