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The Royal Flags Jewelery opened its exclusive flagship salon in the fall of 2009 in the historic Hajós Street, next to the Opera House. The main goal of the opening of the salon is to combine the presentation of exclusive gemstone high quality jewelery with culture, music, contemporary arts, fashion, gastronomy and other premium brands.

Exclusive collections of jewelery come from the workshops of Italian jewelery craftsmen, using the latest technology and the most ancient experience. In this way, we can provide our customers with impeccable quality and outstanding value for money.

Part of the collection is designed by young talented jewelery designer Alexandra Rónai, with a special focus on the personality of the clients and the occasions on which the pieces are designed.
Premier Discounts for Gentleman Club Members:

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Royal diamonds

If you choose casual and casual jewelery with diamonds and colorful gemstones, special wedding collections, custom wedding rings, you are eligible for a club discount of $ 100,000.

Royal Diamonds Jewelery Premiere
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Royal Diamonds Jewelry House

1061 Budapest, Dalszínház u. 8.
+36 1 312 2926

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