Luxury watch or sports car

What qualifies a man?
Glashütte Original vice president of sales, Dieter Pachner, began his training as a watchmaker in 1985 in Karlstein, Austria. Although he passed the master exam, he quickly decided he was more interested in selling. Of course, the accusation cannot be that you do not know the product, do not understand what you are selling.

As I know you are such an obsessed fan of Glashütte Original that you alternate between wearing three hours of company ambassador. What determines when, which one you pick?

Very well informed. Indeed, I have the privilege of wearing a personal Glashütte Original that suits my daily outfit or my daily routine - the PanoMaticCounter XL, or the Senator Term Calendar or the Seventies Panoramadatum.

As far as I know, it happened that Glashütte Original got a gift from his wife. That's funny, isn't it?

It was her wedding gift.

When did your devotion to watches begin? Remember what your first watch was, and what occasion did you get it?

My interest in the world of watches began around the age of 10-11. My dad often took me to a watchmaker where I could get an insight into this fascinating craft. My first watch was Swiss anyway.

Do you think that as a child, one day dreams of having a Glashütte Original lesson than driving a Porsche when he grows up?

Not that I imagine, but I am absolutely convinced.

When we're here, what do you think makes a man more qualified: his watch or his car?

Your watch. For the following reason: The watch is worn on the wrist for up to 24 hours. A nice timekeeping opportunity is much better utilized and enjoyed.

What would you say to a man who hasn't worn a watch for years because he can check his watch at any time on his smartphone?

Of course you are right, because you can read the time from your smartphone. But it's not the same as reading the time on a carefully planned clock face. The time read from the smartphone is only superficially perceived, while the time read from the clock is much more memorized and perhaps more appreciated.

Maybe I'm not mistaken if I assume you're a collector .

Really not wrong. I am a passionate collector; during the many, many years I spent in the watch industry, I developed a passion for beautiful German and Swiss watches.

As the first person in charge of selling Glashütte Original watches, you must be well aware of the world clock markets, the different customer expectations, and the different watch cultures in each country. Can you share your experience with this? For example, where is Glashütte Original most successful?

We can show strong growth primarily in Germany but also in the US, Asia and Middle East markets. Depending on how long we have been in the market for a particular country, they would have to differentiate between where we build the brand, where we focus more on growth, and where we consolidate the market.

How well do you know the Hungarian market? What do you think about the Hungarian watch market and its customers?

When I was responsible for the Central European region at Glasshütte Origin, I introduced the brand in Hungary. So I have been following developments for years. We meet again and again in their country - at various events - well-informed and interested buyers. But this watch could still get more attention among other brands.

Glashütte Original is clearly a premium product. How do you find a conscious customer? What do you advise money holders to "train" themselves to find true value?

The customer should be informed in advance before deciding on a particular brand or watch. At Glashütte, we would just love to downsize our manufactory so that we can take the entire building on a world tour. Because the Glashütte Original really understands the meaning of those who can take part in a tour where you can follow the essence of making watches from start to finish.

How do we imagine Glashütte Original as a factory? How many hours are produced each year?

Our manufactory is first and foremost unique in that we do everything from designing the watch to the realization. Most parts are manufactured in-house. Fortunately, we are part of the Swatch Group, so parts that we do not manufacture can be obtained from this network. Thanks to the Swatch Group investment, we already have a dial factory where we can produce the high quality, noble and costly dials we need.

But not only do we get these benefits from the parent company. Due to the very high demand for Glashütte Original, we are fortunate enough to increase our production capacity. So this year the expansion at our production site in Glashütte started. We have created our own building for some departments, such as after-sales service, while at the same time increasing our core assets, our workforce.

Anything new under the sun? What opportunities do you see for technical innovation? Or do you have to accept that the next few decades will be about design and marketing?

Just look around the watch market. Every year, a brand manages to come up with an innovation, or even create a surprising feature that captivates customers and creates amazement. So I think there is still room for improvement.

In a competition that reflects today's market trends, what's the real challenge for Glashütte Original?

The real challenge is to impress our customers over and over again with our excellent performance. And this is what drives us further and brings out our best in us.

If I have already mentioned Porsche, I wonder what the Glashütte Original 911 is.

I can easily answer this: Senator Chronometer.

By the way, what are your most important considerations when buying a watch? Functionality, appearance, brand, price or all of this together?

I would say all the factors you mentioned. But first and foremost, the so-called DNA of the brand, that is, its innermost essence.

The article appeared in the 2012 WINTER issue of Gentleman magazine .
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