Life in Berkeley - Mayor Tom Bates With Students

Berkeley is a city of great diversity, on the one hand you have great intellectuals theorizing about the origins of the universe, nano technology, and competing economic theories to people that want to keep their 1960's way of life ushering up memories of the free speech movement. It is now city on the move with many new start-ups, growth and a vision for the future.

Berkeley Theater District

Berkeley's award winning downtown arts district offers a rich cultural heritage of arts and entertainment. With the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the district has become a center for live theatre and music and performing arts education. Movie theatres close by offer a variety of independent and popular films. The Scholar's Inn is just a few blocks away from Theatre District.

Gourmet Ghetto

Berkeley with many its many culinary delight is a dining extravaganza. From Chez Panisse to Berkeley Bowl, you can explore a world of fine foods.


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